Bill Shorten's Labor Government announced that they would waive upfront fees for students studying a childcare qualification from TAFE.
Toddler, Loevann was at a friends house with his family and playing with a few older children who were all playing with fidget spinners. A couple of days later, Loevann…
A parent has caused outrage amongst fellow passengers on a plane by allowing her toddler to use the potty in the middle of the plane aisle.
A six-year-old boy in Kindergarten, from Western Australia, was recently suspended from school for stealing another child's cookie in the playground.
Georgia School of Innovation, USA, is seeking parental permission to punish students by using a paddle to whack children's bottoms as part of a new discipline policy.
A children's slide at a local Gold Coast park is causing concerns for parents as they complained the slide is too steep.
A 4 years old girl and her family from the Czech Republic, was holidaying on a beach in Bulgaria when she got separated from her parents. After a few frantic…
From today, 01 October 2018, key changes to the National Law and Regulations will come into effect for Western Australia.
The Educator to Child ratio of 1:15 for OSHC services will now apply in NSW from today (1 October 2018).