A 4-year-old boy from Pingtung City, Taiwan, was left unsupervised where he got onto the balcony, caught between the steel grates and was left dangling by his head.
Heather Clare, from New York, was going down a slide with her one-year-old daughter Meadow on her lap, causing the little girl's leg to break when her foot got caught.
Melissa Booth, a 5-year-old of Chaddesden Derbyshire, attending Cherry Tree Hill Primary School, has come home with chopped hair 6 times in the past 8 months.
A six-year-old child from Indianapolis was shopping in Ikea with their family, where the child found a handgun and fired it into a sofa cushion, after playing with it for…
A toddler went missing for about 4 hours from a Michigan family home in the early morning.
Father Jacques Lacroix, 89, slapped and shouted at a two-year-old boy during a baptism ceremony at Collegiate Church in Champeaux, near Melun, in the south-eastern suburbs of Paris.
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