Due to an oversupply of childcare places in certain areas across Australia, it's a battle between services as some are enticing new families with free Ipads, offering to pay families bills for a week, free childcare for a week and more.

A Daycare Centre in Nashville, Arkansas USA, is being investigated after a complaint lodged by the parent of a 9-month-old baby who claims her baby was attacked while in care by a 2-year-old.

Baby Shark - is the song driving Educators and Parents insane, while children sing it over and over and over again. A catchy jingle about a shark family and matching moves it's no wonder children are going crazy for it!

From June 2018, the NSW Department of Industry has released new information regarding Children's Services Traineeships in the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001. This information is important for all Services who have currently employed either Cert 3 or Diploma Trainees at their service.

In an attempt to discipline two young children, Preschool Director Akinnaso, threatened two 4-year-old boys by putting a steak knife into their hands and told them she would cut their fingers off and throw them in the trash if they kept misbehaving.