Even though Australia has high vaccination levels, there has been a high volume of measles outbreaks throughout Australia. The main culprits being unvaccinated people, spreading this highly infectious disease.

On, 8 December 2017, an incident took place at Brunswick Head OOSH, where a 6-year-old child left the service through an unfenced area of the school.

Nearly 200 daycare services across NSW, mainly located in southwest Sydney have been shut down with some being linked to bikie gangs, fraud and funding from overseas terrorism.

The Fair Work Commission has announced a 3% increase to award wages and the national minimum wage. The increase takes effect from the first full pay period that starts on or after 1 July 2019.

The $4 Million Start Strong Capital Works Grants program aims to support the creation of additional community preschool places in areas of need and growing demand across NSW.