According to new studies Babies who were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) showed a lower level of brain activity in response to 'social' videos of people playing 'peek-a-boo' and 'incy-wincy spider', as well as laughing, coughing, yawning or crying.

NSW Health has issued a warning for an outbreak of measles after an unvaccinated baby from South East Asia has contracted the disease in Sydney.

Well known Chef and Restaurateur, Jamie Oliver has slammed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for his government's inaction on childhood obesity.

To develop children's speech and language skills it's important to talk to children. New Studies suggest that how you talk to children matters just as much as how long you spend talking to children.

Today's technology can change the world and also it could be changing our children too. Children are often using technology for gaming and social media so does frequent use of tech make children more prone to the symptoms of (ADHD)?

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