New Zealand

In New Zealand, over the next 6 weeks, McDonald's will be distributing Roald Dahl's entire collection of books to replace the toy, a child typically receives with their Happy Meal.
An Educator, from Auckland New Zealand, was left in disbelief and shock when only receiving 2 cents as her final pay cheque, after getting fired 5 days before Christmas.
A childcare centre in Auckland NZ has declined to re-enrol a toddler who had only been attending for only four hours per day because of medical reasons, despite the fact…
A daycare centre, in Stanmore Bay, Auckland has expelled a 4 yr old child who was deemed a safety risk after a series of allergy aggressive incidents.
An Educator has faced penalties for "serious misconducted" after asking a toddler to bite the finger of another child.
Parents who come late to pick up their child after the centre closes, they face hefty penalties, as one mum experienced - who was charged $55 for one minute of…