Child Weekly

Kelly James, from Brisbane, was excited to receive her son's school photos but was disappointed when she noticed that the photos had been edited beyond recognition from her son's normal facial features.

A 4-year-old child went home from daycare and showed her parents the "teeth" she got from another child. After going to the police with the bag of "teeth", detectives confirmed it was crack cocaine.

Parents were surprised when their child (in prep) arrived home with a star award, praising the parents for sending their child a healthy lunch, consisting chopped up carrot, apples, cucumber and cheese and pikelets, which met all the nutritional requirements.

Researchers have found that children who use hand sanitiser compared to soap and water have less respiratory infections and needed less antibiotic prescriptions.

Bill Shorten's Labor Government announced that they would waive upfront fees for students studying a childcare qualification from TAFE.

Toddler, Loevann was at a friends house with his family and playing with a few older children who were all playing with fidget spinners. A couple of days later, Loevann was in the hospital to remove the battery from his oesophagus, suffered complications and tragically passed away.

A parent has caused outrage amongst fellow passengers on a plane by allowing her toddler to use the potty in the middle of the plane aisle.

A six-year-old boy in Kindergarten, from Western Australia, was recently suspended from school for stealing another child's cookie in the playground.

A toddler from metropolitan Adelaide is currently in a serious condition after contracting meningococcal. Fears children from where the toddler attends childcare may also be infected with the disease.

Georgia School of Innovation, USA, is seeking parental permission to punish students by using a paddle to whack children's bottoms as part of a new discipline policy.