Squishy Toys Being Tested In Australia

By September 16, 2018
Squishy Toys Being Tested In Australia Walmart

After testing squishy toys in Denmark and found them to contain highly hazardous chemicals, Australian consumer regulators are currently investigating the same toys here to see if they also contain hazardous chemicals.

The hazardous chemicals found in squishes from Danish agencies include dimethylformamide, styrene and toluene, which the Danish agency said could cause cancer, liver damage, eye irritation and impair fertility.

Consumer Protection WA is currently testing five kinds of squishy toys from retailers and in SA they are testing seven other kinds. These results will be shared with all product safety regulators and appropriate action will be taken.

Consumer and Business Services South Australia confirmed that it was working with state and federal counterparts to investigate. However, no local concerns have been raised.

Although safety concerns have been raised in Australia retailers such as Smiggle, Kmart, Target and Big W have shown no indication of pulling squishy toys off their shelves.

*Squishy toys are small foam-like toys similar in texture as stress ball. They come in all shapes of objects and sizes and are widely sold throughout Australia

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