Gel Blaster Toy Guns May Be Banned In Australia

By September 06, 2018
Gel Blaster Toy Guns May Be Banned In Australia DHGate

Gel blaster toy guns, which fire gel balls could be banned by authorities in Queensland, as they look too much like real assault rifles.

They are currently available in Queensland, over the counter, even though current restrictions are in place, in the state for replica firearms.

Deb Frecklington, opposition leader said, "Fair trading should look into banning them since even though they are toys, they are very realistic and very intimidating".

Australia Border Force have seized more than 200 gel blaster toy guns, they were imported illegally. Online shoppers and enthusiasts have to understand and be clear about Australian law. "Even though gel blaster guns are marketed as toys, they are incredibly realistic and the gel projectiles can be dangerous".

The owner of Gel Blasters Australia, who has a legitimate permit to import and sell the toys, told 7 News they believe their business is legal.

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