Victorian Students Offered Early Childhood Scholarships

By September 05, 2018
Victorian Students Offered Early Childhood Scholarships Photo by Sarah Noltner on Unsplash

Four hundred scholarships will be available for students starting studies in 2019 in Victoria. The Early Childhood Scholarship Program will offer up to $26,250 towards costs of course fees, study materials and related expenses for the bachelor qualification and up to $16,000 towards a postgraduate qualification.

An additional $225,000 fund has been set aside for Aboriginal Victorians wanting to work in the early childhood industry which will support the 10-year Marrung Aboriginal Education Plan as well as additional bilingual educators.

School leavers, people wishing to change careers, bilingual speakers and those already working in early childhood are invited to apply. There are two options available:

Teaching scholarships (bachelor degree and postgraduate qualifications)

This option is for eligible individuals wanting to:

  • study to become a registered early childhood teacher
    teach in an approved early childhood centre-based service

Aboriginal pathway scholarships (certificate III to postgraduate level qualifications)

This option is for Aboriginal people wanting to become an early childhood educator or teacher

Applications open on 01 October 2018.

For more information: Scholarships For Early Childhood Professional

The Andrew Labor Government announced the $8Milliion funds to help more people pursue a reading career in early childhood.

"Early Childhood Scholarships Available For Students Pursuing Studies", Aussie Childcare Network, 5 September 2018

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