Mother On Her Phone While Baby Struggles Underwater For More Than 90 Seconds

By September 01, 2018
Mother On Her Phone While Baby Struggles Underwater For More Than 90 Seconds Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

Baby girl, Xiaoai, was celebrating her first birthday at a pool in south-east China, where she accidentally slipped out of her floating ring and struggles underwater for more than 90 seconds, while her mother was texting on her phone.

Xiaoai, was underwater for more than 90 seconds before her horrified mother has spotted her. Surveillance footage recorded this incident on 31 July, where the baby girl was playing happily in the pool, before flipping sideways and plunging her head underwater.

Her mother did not notice her struggling, even though she was standing right next to the 107 square foot pool. video shows, the baby girl's mother turned her back on her child for a minute to respond to messages on her phone, and pool staff had been called away to receive a delivery.

Another child in the pool noticed the baby struggling underwater and tried to get the mothers attention only to be waved off.

Xiaoai was completely submerged for almost a minute and a half, wriggling her legs, before her mother notices her.

When her mother notices her she scoops her up and attempts CPR before leaving. 20 minutes later she arrived at Provincial Hospital and Xiaoai did not have a heartbeat, was not breathing and her face had turned purple.

After 20 minutes of emergency rescue, doctors restarted the baby's heartbeat and moved her to intensive care. She remains in critical condition and has not yet regained consciousness.

The manager of the infant pool has offered to cover part of the girl's medical expenses.

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