Toddler Allegedly Bites Baby Over 30 Times While In Daycare

By August 30, 2018
Toddler Allegedly Bites Baby Over 30 Times While In Daycare Photo By Shelbey Miller On Unsplash

A Daycare Centre in Nashville, Arkansas USA, is being investigated after a complaint lodged by the parent of a 9-month-old baby who claims her baby was attacked while in care by a 2-year-old.

A caregiver told the mother that a 2-year-old child had climbed into the playpen while her 9-month-old baby slept and attacked him. The baby had received more than 30 bites over his body had numerous scratches. He was treated at the hospital then released. 

The caregiver said that the baby didn't cry and didn't make any noise while this was going on.

Criminal Investigator Larry Marion said, "Right now, we are trying to determine if that is the correct story - if it was a child that bit the kid or if there was any kind of neglect or failure to watch from the daycare centre".

In the meantime the Arkansas Department of Human Services it has taken interim corrective action at Alphabet Academy in Nashville, AR.

No caregivers in the facility are to be left alone with children at any time, said Marci Manley, of the Arkansas Department of Human Services. In other words, there always must be at least two staffers together with the children.

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