Sydney Primary School Bans Soccer Balls In The Playground

By August 28, 2018
Sydney Primary School Bans Soccer Balls In The Playground Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Summer Hills Public School, Inner West - Sydney, has banned soccer balls and limited student access to the oval. Children are not allowed to bring anything bigger than a tennis ball into the school.

New rules have been introduced which also includes banning each grade from the oval one day a week, to eliminate overcrowding. Oval time will also be staggered to prevent younger children from being hurt by older students while playing together.

Summer Hills Public School is currently at 96% capacity. The new rules were not prompted by the lack of space or overcrowding. It has been introduced to prevent conflict between the children.

Parents were outraged, after receiving a letter to announce these new rules.

The children were also upset to hear that there will be no more ball play during their lunch breaks.

While playing with balls, children develop a variety of developmental skills including hand-eye coordination, strengthening gross and fine motor skills, gain self-confidence, timing, prediction and force. Rather than banning balls, an alternate option can be developed in order for children to continue playing and developing ball skills.

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