Educator Asked Toddler To Bite Another Child

By August 13, 2018

An Educator has faced penalties for "serious misconducted" after asking a toddler to bite the finger of another child.

The Educator, from New Zealand, was looking after a group of children when one of the children, bit the finger of another child. The Educator scolded the child who had bitten but he didn't listen. So, the Educator asked another staff to bring over a child. The Educator then asked that child to gently bite on the child who had bitten previously finger "so he knew how it felt".

This incident was referred to the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal. The tribunal said, "although the teacher didn't use force herself, her conduct amounted to a use of force by correction or punishment carried out under her direction."

Asking another child to use force made her conduct worse, and had a negative effect on both of the children, the decision said.

After the incident, the Educator felt extremely guilty and expressed remorse on what she had done.

"I immediately knew what I did was wrong. I know what I did was completely against our positive guidance and in no way professional."

The New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal acknowledged the Educator's lengthy career, which had been previously without incident, and the fact she had "immediately recognised her error".

She was and ordered to complete a professional development course within 12 months and had to pay $458 in tribunal costs and $1693 to the Education Council's Complaints Assessment Committee.

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