Child Fires Handgun Found In Ikea

By June 26, 2018

A six-year-old child from Indianapolis was shopping in Ikea with their family, where the child found a handgun and fired it into a sofa cushion, after playing with it for a few minutes.

The weapon had accidentally became dislodged from the gun owners body, while he sat down to test the sofa set which had fallen into the cushions, which the gun owner didn't realise. 

The gun owner quickly identified himself once he heard gunfire and co-operated with police and the investigation.

Nobody was hurt and no arrests had been made.

In its statement, Ikea said the "safety and security of customers and co-workers is the top priority".

Ikea "has a no-weapons policy in our locations to prevent exactly these types of situations," their statement continued.

The gun owner was unlikely to face any charges as violating the no weapon policy was not against the law.

"Indiana Child Fires Handgun Found In Sofa At Ikea", BBC News, 26 June 2018.

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