Thousands Cause Chaos To Swap Coles Miniature Collectable Toys

By August 12, 2018
Thousands Cause Chaos To Swap Coles Miniature Collectable Toys Coles Little Shop

There were chaotic scenes at dozens of Coles supermarkets, across the country on Saturday as eager parents and children rushed to supermarkets to swap Little Shop miniature collectables.

The Little Shop promotion gives away a miniature plastic toy, in the shape of a popular product such as Nutella, Vegemite and toothpaste, with every $30 spent.

Thirty-seven Coles stores across the country braced for four hours of consumer chaos as they held a 'swap day' for people to complete their set of 30 products.

While it was fun for those collecting the toys, shoppers trying to pick up their groceries were left fuming as the crowds slowed them down during their weekend shop.

Coles threw the swap meet at selected stores to help customers reach the goal of having a full set.

Workers were armed with buckets full of the tiny products that customers were allowed to swap their duplicates for.

The promotion has been a hot topic across the country since their launch last month, with a full set being posted to eBay for $1,000, just 48 hours after it was launched.

Individual toys have gone for as high as $15, with many in a desperate need to collect the full set before the promotion ends at the end of August.

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