WA Children Targeted In Instagram Cyber Scam

By August 06, 2018

Over 2000 school children in WA have been targeted in a cyber safety scam via Instagram after a person has approached the children asking for nude photographs.

This person is claiming to be 16 years old Max Williams, who may have had up to 3 different Instagram accounts using the same name "Max Williams". Authorities are informed and have already removed two of the accounts.

E-Safety Commissioner, as well as the WA police, are currently investigating.

At this stage, it is not known if any children have shared images with the account or have been contacted by this person.

For WA Parents, if your child has mentioned that they have been contacted by "Max Willimas", please contact the police.

Please make sure that children understand cyber safety. It's important for children not to share images of themselves with "friends" they don't personally know. Pictures that are shared online can be traced to the child's location and it's important that they understand that not everyone they talk to online is who they say they are.

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