FDC Educators Frustrated Over New Child Care Subsidy Software

By August 02, 2018

After, making the switch to the new child care subsidy systems, FDC Educators have raised frustration over software issues that have led to delay in pays or incorrect remuneration.

FDC Educators and in-home carers have been hit the hardest by these software issues and have expressed anger and frustration with FDC Australia, who are working with Educators to resolve these issues quickly.

“Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) is aware that some family day care services and educators have experienced system issues arising from third-party software providers following the transition to the child care subsidy system" FDCA chief executive Andrew Patterson said.

Family Day Care Australia are working through issues on a case by case basis as they arose.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham said, "Due to the sheer scale of these changes, it’s inevitable that some teething issues will arise..."

Tasmanian early childhood union United Voice said significant concerns had been raised by its members about the rollout of the new changes.

However, they had not received any specific concerns about educators not being paid.

For Family Day Care Educators who are experiencing problems with the new child care subsidy systems, please contact Family Day Care Australia to report any issues.

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