Vacuum Causes Incident To Toddler

By March 31, 2022

One Miserable incident has happened in New Zealand when a mother used a vacuum cleaner to clean her house.  An accident suddenly took place and the little one had a burnt on his leg. She posted this incident on social media groups as a warning for other mothers. According to her, though vacuum cleaners are very useful house cleaning accessories parents need to be careful as it is a very strong and powerful devices that may cause accidents.

New Zealand mum Faith Carline was cleaning her house with an upright standing Bissell vacuum. She used the hose on the back and presume that the rollers on the cleaner head had stopped spinning. Within a fraction of a second, her 2 years old toddler, who was helping her mother in cleaning, got a hit with the spinning rollers that caused a burn on his leg.

Faith Carline wrote in a Facebook post “I don’t know how he got it on top of him it all happened so fast,”. She also explained to Kmart and The Warehouse shoppers Facebook group that she was using the hose not connected with the back, her two-year-old at that time was helping her by picking up the chips and putting them in the hose, and then suddenly the bottom rollers got on his leg and burnt him. The incident happened so quickly that she has not realised if she moved it and the kid went under it or he himself moved it and put it on him. The post received 600 comments and lots of attention. One person said as the rollers are still spinning after the hose gets detached, this seems very shocking to him. Another person said that the vacuum is very strong and has gone through several accidents with it. So, she warned her family to be very careful while using it. The third one said the same incident has happened with her 15-month-old baby though the baby is fine now.

 Faith later updated in her Facebook post that she loves to use vacuum cleaners. It is very useful and good to use. Her son is now also fine but a little shaken up. She said her motto was to update the post is to make others warned and tell them to be extra careful while using the vacuum. Till now no comments have been given by Bissell.

Mums Warning As Toddler Suffers Vacuum Cleaner Injury