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By July 21, 2018
Timeline Of Thai Rescue News Australia

Bangkok: All the 12 football team kids and their coach have been rescued from the world Tham Luang Cave, Thailand.The was lots of celebration across Thailand for the most daring rescue operation ever in a history.

23rd June:12 football kids aged between 11 to 16 and their assistant coach went exploring in Tham Luang cave after a soccer game. Due to heavy monsoon flooding, it cut off their escape and postponed the rescuers from finding them. The team retracted their position towards deep within the cave area which is situated 4 km away from the entrance. The children's parents were completely heartbroken and tearful after realising their children were missing. Thailands best underwater divers and experienced navy seals worked during the operation. After the widespread news, more than 1000 underwater divers and experience navy seals from Australia, USA, Uk and various countries arrived at the spot to volunteer. 

2nd July: Two expertise British divers found the children and their coach alive on a mountain rock inside the cave.

6th July: Death of former navy seal officer Sam Gunan,38. He was working in the cave site, replacing oxygen canisters for rescuers and while delivering supplies in the narrow passage.

8th July: After the various rescue plans they have decided to bring the children out using diving suits with a full face mask. Each boy was accompanied by 2 expert divers and the boys were attached to the divers by a thin cable. One static rope overhead was used to guide the divers to the cave entrance. After the prayers of the whole world, the divers brought out the first 4 children successfully. Those children were sent to the hospital for further check-ups for cave disease and other bacterial infections caused by bat excretion inside the cave.

9th July: the Second phase of operation begins and another 4 children are rescued successfully

10th July: Final phase of operation begins for the last 4 children and their coach. More divers were used for this rescue to bring them safe. After the successful evacuation of 4 children and their coach, Thailand and the world begins celebration for the successful operation by the Thailand government and volunteered support by expert divers from around the world. Thailand people exchange their wishes and praises to the rescue team who risk their lives in the underwater cave in muddy, heavy water current, narrow passages with oxygen tanks to find and rescue them.

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