Free Children's Books and Activities

By September 15, 2020

Think Equal is offering 6 weeks of Home Kits which includes narrative picture books (interactive PDF's and activities) free of charge, to help children manage this challenging time in a positive and reassuring way, through social and emotional learning.

Books Include:

  • Me, Myself and I - Teaches Self-Confidence • Self-Esteem • Celebration of Diversity • Global Citizenship
  • Amazing Daisy - Teaches Resilience • Problem-Solving • Goal-Setting • Empowering girls
  • Wally the Wave - Teaches Self-Regulation • Emotional Literacy • Self-Awareness
  • Diego’s Great Idea - Teaches Being an Advocate for Others • Inclusion • Kindness • Problem-Solving • Empathy
  • I Love My Planet - Teaches Environmental Awareness
  • Rainbows in Windows - Teaches Empathy • Resilience • Self-regulation • Critical Thinking • Kindness

Think Equal is a charity that brings social and emotional learning to children around the world in their earliest years.

For more information: FreeBooks

Free Children's Books and Activities To Develop Social and Emotional Learning, Aussie Childcare Network