Rape Word Used In Educational Toy Available In Aldi

By August 30, 2020
Rape Word Used In Educational Toy Available In Aldi Facebook

An educational children's game available at Aldi called 'Roleplay Alphabet Food Box', left customers shocked as the word rape was used under an image.

The object of the game is to match images of firsts and vegetables with their corresponding names and place a letter of the alphabet into the names.

The word rape was under an image of Bok Choy.

A spokesperson for Aldi explained that when you pronounce the word rape differently it has another meaning.

"We apologise if the word has caused offence, however rape (pronunciation is phonetically "rah-pay") is a term used for green leafy vegetable relating to the broccoli and turnip family often found in European and African cook books.'

This game is available Australia wide and customers who wish to return this game will receive a full refund.

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