Two Toddlers Hanging 20 Feet In The Air From Apartment Window

By July 16, 2018

In Hermosa, Chicago, two toddlers were seen hanging 20 feet in the air from a second storey window.

A bystander who captured this incident on video shows how the toddlers are seen with their legs dangling out of the apartment, diapers showing and yelling.

With nobody coming to help, a few bystanders rushed under the window, to try and catch the toddlers, if they fell.

One toddler fell back into the apartment. A man arrived with a ladder and helped the other toddler climb safely back inside and close the window.

Both toddlers were safe and unharmed.

An adult was home with the toddlers at the time of this incident, however, wasn't aware of what happened and didn't see the toddlers climbing or dangling out the window.

The Police have notified the Department of Children and Family Services and an investigation is currently being launched.

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