Thai Cave Will Turn Into A Museum

By July 16, 2018

After the successful rescue operation of 12 soccer kids and assistant coach, where they were trapped for more than two weeks inside the Tham Luang cave, in Thailand, it will now turn into a national museum.

Officials from the rescue team said the cave museum would showcase how the operations began and end with the most successful rescue mission ever in a history.

Rescue chief Narongsak Osottanakorn told reporters this site would be converted into a museum to highlight the clothes and types of equipment used during the thrilling rescue.”I believe it will bring another highlight to Thailand to tourists who will come to visit”, he said.

The rescuers on worksite dismantled all their equipment on Thursday (12 July) and after the sealing the cave, the decision is turned into a museum to pay tribute to the daring thriller operation. It will attract the additional tourists towards Thailand.

Already one film production unit is working in the cave to make a movie regarding the heroic efforts of the divers, national security members and navy seals working together in this rescue operation.

This story started on June 23rd when the players walked into the cave with their assistant coach, the monsoon rain trapped their path, cut off escaping chances from the cave.

Nine days later the British divers found the soccer team with their assistant coach very hungry and tired on a ledge four kilometres inside the cave.

Over the following week, many expertise divers around the world headed to Thailand cave. More than 50 Olympic swimming pool worth water is pumped out during the rescue process.

Elite military and expertise divers from several countries entered the cave for three days to bring out the boys safely one by one.

A pack of media around the world and more than 1000 journalists relayed each and every update to the world. It even got the attention of Elon Musk who built the rescue pod which he created overnight and gave to the government of Thailand.

Huge international response and reaction sparked the authors and filmmakers to make a story and films.

Footage of the children being treated in the hospital was released with them looking cheerful and recovering fast.

The team is being treated in an isolated special ward until doctors are sure they didn’t expose to any infectious disease while in the cave. The boys are in good health and are expected to be discharged from hospital by Thursday, the Health Ministry said in a statement Saturday.

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