Government Increases Child Allowable Absences To 20 Extra Days

By March 28, 2020
Government Increases Child Allowable Absences To 20 Extra Days Image by tigerlily713 from Pixabay

Before parents lose government subsidies on childcare fees, young children are given an extra 20 days of absences, as part of the government's response to coronavirus.

A total of 62 days of unexplained absences a family can have for this financial year, without having to produce medical evidence for coronavirus related reasons.

For services that are forced to close because of a virus outbreak or wider shutdowns, parents will not have to be charged for those days, however, the government will continue to pay fee subsidies.

Education Minister Dan Tehan said, "The current expert medical advice is that the child care sector remains open except where individual services have been directed to close by health authorities".

The government has made the move in recognition many parents are keeping their children home as part of recommended social distancing measures.

20 Extra Absent Days Allowed For Children In Childcare, Aussie Childcare Network, 26 March 2020

Last modified on Saturday, 28 March 2020 14:44