Free Storybook On Bushfires For Children

By January 08, 2020
Free Storybook On Bushfires For Children Queensland Government

Educators support children understanding about bushfires with this free storybook "Birdie and The Fire".

This is a story of Birdie, a small bird who is forced to flee when a bushfire sweeps through her neighbourhood.

It has colourful illustrations and a compassionate but truthful explanation of living through fire.

Developed by the Queensland Government, it is part of a series of books written with the support of mental health experts to support children to cope with natural disasters and other big life events.

It is available in many community languages, including English, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and more.

To download a copy, please click the following link: Birdie and the Fire

Birdie And The Fire - Free Children's Storybook About Bushfires, Aussie Childcare Network, 8 January 2020