Children Locked In Cars In Victoria During Scorching Heat

By December 21, 2019
Children Locked In Cars In Victoria During Scorching Heat Image by Rhonda Jenkins from Pixabay

Ambulance Victoria have been called to reports of 4 children in regional and metropolitan areas, locked in cars as the state battles through the scorching heat.

 Emergency Services said in a statement, that no-one required treatment and is urging people not to leave children and pets in cars.

 Never leave children alone in a car

  •  75% of the temperature increase occurs within five minutes of closing the car
  • Darker-coloured cars can reach slightly higher temperatures than lighter-coloured cars
  • Large cars can heat up just as fast as small cars
  • The colour of interior trim has little effect on the speed that the temperature can increase inside a car
  • Having the windows down 5cm causes only a slight decrease in temperature with an outside temperature of around 30°C

What are the risks?

  • The temperature and humidity inside the car begin to increase while the airflow decreases
  • As the temperature increases inside the car, the child can begin to develop heat stress and start to dehydrate
  • Young children are more sensitive to heat than older children and adults. This can put them at greater risk of heatstroke and other health risks
  • If the child becomes distressed and tries to get out of their restraint, they could be at risk of strangulation on the harness.

NRMA suggests that if you see a child locked in a car then you need to make a judgment to whether it is a life and death situation and you would need to break a window yourself and call an ambulance, or whether you should call 000 and ask for police, who will get there as urgently as they can.

In less urgent circumstances, call NRMA roadside assistance. You do not need to be a Member in this situation. Because of the grave danger involved, the NRMA drops everything to respond immediately to calls where a child is locked in a car.

Emergency crews including firefighters, ambulance and paramedic services are on alert, as extreme heat forecasts triggered total fire bans issued for NSW and South Australia.

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