Children Allegedly The Cause Of QLD Bushfires

By November 26, 2019
Children Allegedly The Cause Of QLD Bushfires Image by Julie Clarke from Pixabay

On November 09, as a state of emergency was declared in Queensland, 10 children allegedly are being dealt with by police for deliberately lighting fires.

Police are taking action against these juveniles under the Youth Justice Act.

Several teens were charged over recent fires including a 16-year-old boy who allegedly started a fire west of Yeppoon that destroyed 30 structures and two other teens over a September blaze at Peregian on the Sunshine Coast.

In the previous 2 years, 136 children were charged with endangering property in Queensland by lighting fires and only 18 were convicted.

Deb Frecklington, Opposition Leader, said children responsible for starting fires should be made to apologise for the pain they caused.

"These kids should face real consequences for their actions and be made to front up and apologise to their victims and even visit a burns unit".

The Fight Fire Fascination program by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service has been reinstated to deal with arson prevention and rehabilitation.

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