Diploma Qualified Educators Offered Bachelor Scholarships

By October 16, 2019
Diploma Qualified Educators Offered Bachelor Scholarships Photo by Juan Ramos on Unsplash

Scholarships are being offered to Diploma-qualified educators working at one of G8 Education’s 500 early learning centres across the country.

G8 Education, Australia’s largest private provider of early education, announced a flagship Bachelor Scholarship program that will enable it to meet teacher to student ratios which will almost double from next year.

The full scholarship includes a $15,000 study bonus, paid wages during practicum placement, mentoring, workshops and paid study time.

The study bonus available to full scholarship students consists of $5,000 when 50 per cent of course units are passed, $5,000 at the completion of all units, and $5,000 one year after completion if they are still employed by G8.

La Trobe University is G8 Education’s preferred provider of choice for early childhood education in Victoria, with scholarships also being offered in Queensland and New South Wales.

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