Labor Pledges 20% Increase For Childcare Wages

By April 29, 2019

Shorten announced over the weekend that if elected, that Labor will increase the pay of early childhood educators by 20% over eight years, which is an average increase of $11,300 above award rises.

“This is an investment in early education, in a strong economy of the future and this is an investment in pay equity in a female-dominated industry, a fair award for the workforce” Shorten said.

In a statement, Labor said it had “provisioned $537m” over four years for the measure. The full cost over a decade will be $9.9bn.

In addition, Labor's offering a $4bn childcare package ensuring families earning less than $174,000 get fee reductions of up to $2,100 per child per year.

If childcare centres “simply jack up the prices to minimise the benefit for the people” then they would be “will be named and shamed on”. Shorten warned.

These big-spending policies promised by Labor were announced to capture voters ahead of polling day on 18th May.

For more detailed information on the above: Shorten pledges billions for seniors’ dental bills, childcare and educators’ wage rise

Karp, Paul "Shorten Pledges Billions For Seniors’ Dental Bills, Childcare and Educators’ Wage Rise", The Guardian, 28th April 2019

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