Labor Guarantees A Pay Rise For Childcare Workers

By April 26, 2019

In one of the biggest announcements of the 2019 election campaign, Labor's Bill Shorten has guaranteed a wage increase for educators working in early childhood.

This proposal by Labor will also include inbuilt compliance measures to ensure childcare workers secure pay rises before the money flows back into the service.

"We’ve got fair-dinkum policies – we’re going to announce some more on Sunday. We are about closing the gap. Whatever improvements have been made in the last six years … no wages have risen” Mr Shorten said.

The spending increase will deliver direct Commonwealth funding for wage increases for some of Australia’s most low paid workers in childcare centres across Australia.

Labor will confirm the policy over the coming days.

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Election 2019: Labor pledges to give childcare workers a pay raise

Maiden, Samantha "Election 2019: Labor Pledges To Give Childcare Workers A Pay Raise", The New Daily, 26 April 2019