Sydney Primary School Bans Birthday Invitations Being Handed Out

By April 11, 2019

Mosman Public School, in Sydney's North Shore, has sparked outrage amongst parents as they have banned children from handing out birthday invitations to friends.

Parents will now have to email birthday invites in order not to offend or upset those children who are not invited. Parents were also advised to let their child know not to discuss any planned birthday celebrations with classmates either, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The ban was implemented after a child became distraught for not being invited to a classmate's birthday party.

Some Parents are outraged of this ban "You can't give birthday invitations by paper (at the school), only by email and you must tell your children not to talk about the party".

"It's going too far, we have to build resilient kids".

Stevens, Kylie "Outrage as primary school bans students from handing out birthday invitations", Daily Mail Australia, 8 April 2019