Using Hip Hop To Teach Children About Same Sex Marriage and Mental Health

By March 06, 2019
Using Hip Hop To Teach Children About Same Sex Marriage and Mental Health POPSugar

The Cuddly Koalas are a Perth musical family that produces rap music for children.

The family of three including parents and 4-year-old daughter, visit early learning services and primary schools across Perth to perform their songs on social issues and family diversity.

With their lyrics discussing same-sex marriage The Cuddly Koalas have faced controversy from Parents and Teachers "You can't perform these songs — what are you singing? You're singing about these girls living with these dads, it's very distasteful'." A group of mum commented.

Songwriter Ajan Gajan of the trio believes "it's not something odd and it's not something they need to feel weird about, it's all about love and acceptance and respect for each others' family backgrounds".

The Cuddly Koalas are planning to self-release their debut album in June with the help of Grammy Award-winning US children's entertainer Tim Kubart.

Lyrics to Jamerah and Her Dads

Dads took her to her first ballet class.
Jess her new friend asked:
"Where's your mummy? Where's your mummy?"
Jamerah replied: "I have two dads and we have a blast.
"They're always funny, they make me happy.
"I love both my dads."
Some kids may have a mum and a dad.
Others may have just one.
Having two dads is just loving and fun.

Gian De Poloni, Musical Family Uses Hip Hop To Teach Children About Same-Sex Marriage And Mental Health, ABC Perth, 3 March 2019

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