Receive A Roald Dahl Book in McDonald's Happy Meals

By February 04, 2019
Receive A Roald Dahl Book in McDonald's Happy Meals Dadness

In New Zealand, over the next 6 weeks, McDonald's will be distributing Roald Dahl's entire collection of books to replace the toy, a child typically receives with their Happy Meal.

Titles such as BFG, Lucky Charlie Bucket, Brave Little Sophie, Wonderful Willy Wonka, and Marvellous Miss Honey and Amazing Matilda, will all be available to collect.

The books will feature illustrations by Quentin Blake and various extracts from the books.

"The Happy Meal Readers programme is all about helping parents to get their children to enjoy reading," said the director of marketing at McDonald's New Zealand, Jo Mitchell."

The New Zealand trial is a replica of the successful campaign that ran in the UK in late 2018 and distributed 14 million books over just six weeks.

This is not the first time McDonald’s has replaced toys with books in its iconic children’s menu offering.

The company has given away 450 million books since 2001 as part of the Happy Meal Readers program, according to McDonald’s.

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