feedAustralia Now Open A Free Online Menu Planning Tool For Services

By January 23, 2019

feedAustralia is an online menu planning tool designed to assist early childhood education and care providers move towards healthier menus.

It is based on the NSW childcare Nutritional Guidelines ‘Caring for Children’ and is designed by experts in the field. The feedAustralia program works by providing a platform to enter all your meals and snacks, quantities and recipes, using a searchable database of over 2,000 food items. The online menu planning tool will compare your menu with nutritional guidelines and will assist your service to make changes to meet these guidelines.

The feedAustralia program has a database of over 200 recipes and 2000 ingredients with established nutrient profiles and serve recommendations. The provider’s daily menu is automatically displayed to parents of children attending care via the parent portal of the program.

The feedAustralia tool provides early childhood education and care providers with:

  • An online nutritional database that includes over
    200 healthy recipes and snack suggestions with established energy, macronutrient profiles and food group breakdowns
  • A translation of expert nutritional knowledge into everyday ‘best food selection’ equipping adults with the know-how, resources and confidence to provide healthy and nutritious food to the children in their care
  • A real-time assessment of menus against nutrient, energy and serving size data
  • Analytics to enable menu disaggregation (ingredients) to support food ordering
  • An automated assessment of menu compliance per child based on food combinations
  • A real-time alert when a planned menu does not adhere to Australian Dietary Guidelines or child dietary needs.
  • Nutrition resources, including suggestions and tips to meet food group recommendations.
  • Decreased wastage by generating automated shopping lists and greater management of portions
  • Translation of 2,000 foods typically consumed by Australians and frequented by child care services into food groups
  • Nutritional analysis of menus over time
  • Dashboards that demonstrate performance against Government indicators

For more information and to register your service: Feed Australia

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