Preschool Assistant Serves Pine Sol Instead Of Apple Juice

By December 09, 2018
Preschool Assistant Serves Pine Sol Instead Of Apple Juice The Fix

In a local Hawaiian preschool, an Assistant in the preschool room mistakenly served Pine Sol instead of apple juice.  A report says that the assistant had taken the Pine Sol off the kitchen cart, filled cups with it and served it to the children.

The classroom teacher had smelled the Pine Sol and stopped the children from drinking it, however, three children had already taken a few sips.

"Only sips were taken before the lead teacher realized the liquid was not apple juice," the preschool told families. "The staff responded immediately by calling EMS and police. The children's parents were immediately notified as well."

Emergency services examined them and the children showed no signs of sickness or trauma.

The Preschool sent a letter home to parents about the "unfortunate" incident and that no children were hurt.

The inspection report and police investigating this incident noted that the Pine Sol was in the original container and was properly labelled. The cart where the assistant took this from didn't have any food items on it, and all food was also properly labelled and stored in kitchen cupboards.

Investigators found no code violations during an inspection of the Preschool.

The preschool said it will re-evaluate their process of getting snacks and refreshments and all Educators will undergo additional training.

Pine Sol is a cleaning product avaiable in the United States and used to clean grease and heavy soil stains.  It has a distinctive scent and is a yellow -brown liquid (similar to apple juice).

When indigested, it can cause irritation to the mouth, cause drowsiness and incoherency.

According to the Poison Control Hotline, *pine oil* is the most toxic ingredient in Pine Sol, which acts as a Central Nervous System depressant (decreases motor function, slows respirations and lowers level of consciousness)

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