After Child Misses 26 Days Of School Mum Goes To Jail

By November 30, 2018

A twenty-seven-year-old mother, from Michigan, USA, spent 5 days in jail after her 6-year-old child missed 26 days of school without any valid reason.

In May, mother Brittany Ann Horton, pleaded guilty to truancy however her sentencing was postponed to give her a chance to fix the issue.

The school had previously sent multiple letters home about the child's unexplained absences and arranged for a meeting in which Ms Horton didn’t show, the school then referred the case to prosecutors.

The Prosecutors Office also attempted to resolve the issue without court interferenace but Ms Horton never responded or showed up.

"Horton pleaded guilty upon an agreement with prosecutors that the charge would be dismissed if she worked with school and service providers to resolve the issue. The court delayed her sentencing to give her time to do so. By then, her daughter had missed an additional 14 days of school with unexcused absences, according to prosecutors. It's unclear how many more days of school the girl missed after her mother's sentencing" ABC News states. 

Ms Horton failed to make an effort to address the truancy problem which resulted in her spending 5 days in prison.

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