Toddler Allegedly Kicked Out Of Childcare Because Parents Refused To Put Him In For The Required Minimum Hours

By November 24, 2018

A childcare centre in Auckland NZ has declined to re-enrol a toddler who had only been attending for only four hours per day because of medical reasons, despite the fact that his Parents paying for the full seven-hour minimum (as stated in the centre policy).

Centre policy states the childcare centre offers either 7 hours every day from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm or nine hours somewhere in the range of 7:30 am and 6 pm. Be that as it may, the director agreed with the family for the toddler to only attend for fours hours, 3 days every week while the parents paid the full seven-hour charge of $180 for 3 days.

In September, the toddler fell ill and the Director prompted the family to remove their child from care, in order to stop paying fees while the toddler was homesick.

A month later the family were prepared to re-enrol their child an into the same centre were told the following "Due to strict laws with Ministry of Education, we do require Ani to start attending the full (part-time 7 hours). Unfortunately, we are unable to allow him to continue coming in from 8.30-12.30. This is a legal requirement we have to meet".

The co-owner of the childcare centre said she was worried that the Ministry of Education might not agree with the decision she made with the family for them to pay the full seven-hour expense for just four hours' of care. "When we were going through licensing, the ministry said they needed to look through our fee structure to make sure we are not over-charging the family," she said.

The family made a complaint against the centre to the Ministry Of Education, who are conducting an enquiry into this issue. "Our investigation so far has not identified any breaches with funding rules or regulatory requirements. We do not have any requirements or laws that require a child to attend their ECE for seven or more hours. The only requirements we have related to funding. For example, the 20 hours ECE provides for up to 20 hours subsidised hours per week for a maximum of 6 hours per day per child" Deputy Secretary Katerina Casey said.

Parents have said that at the moment they cannot enrol their child into care for longer hours. He has an intolerance to multiple foods and gets bad eczema. He is currently on medication which is to be given twice daily, however, "They wouldn't administer the natural medicine because it was not from New Zealand, it was not approved,"  the mother said.

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