Four Year Old Expelled From Childcare Due To Aggression

By October 22, 2018

A daycare centre, in Stanmore Bay, Auckland has expelled a 4 yr old child who was deemed a safety risk after a series of allergy aggressive incidents.

The preschooler was involved in many incidents including slamming an Educator's foot in the door, throwing furniture, swearing and hurting other children.

The child's mother has made a formal complaint against the centre to the Ministry Of Education when she received a letter from the centre which stated they are discontinuing the child's education.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Education assigned an early intervention teacher to help the centre deal with 4-year-olds behaviour.

The child's parent received nine calls from the daycare in a four-week period before she was expelled.

The director of the centre Kathryn Flay said the decision to expel the child had been investigated by the Ministry and was found to be appropriate.

'Obviously, we had the best interest of the child at heart, so we are very concerned that the outcome is the best for her,' Flay said.

The Ministry of Education said they were in communication with the mother and were making sure she had information about the investigation.

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