Toddler Uses Potty In Middle Of The Plane Aisle

By October 07, 2018

A parent has caused outrage amongst fellow passengers on a plane by allowing her toddler to use the potty in the middle of the plane aisle.

An image of this incident appeared on a social media account dedicated to shaming passengers unruly behaviour.

Cabin crew were shocked and asked the mother to use the vacant toilet, however, the mother responded: "I don't give a sh**".

Passenger shaming the parent who encouraged her daughter to use the potty in the middle of the plane aisle, many people thought it was "disgusting and "unhygenic" and that the parent showed no respect for others.

People were also concered how the Parent cleaned the potty in the bathroom sink, in the toilets, where other passengers washed their hands and how in the first palce the Parent was able to carry the potty onto the plane.

Even though the Parent received alot of critsicim, fellow mothers were sympathetic and showed support to the mother "Hats up for every mother doesn’t give a s*** about rules labeling and everything else when it comes for the health or the comfort of their kids , "Not that I would do this, but it is impossible to change a diaper on a plane. “The shelf you lay your kid on is very small and unsafe… even had to use the top of the toilet closed".

“Passenger Shaming” which also has a Facebook page and Twitter account, was founded five years ago by former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen.

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