Playground Slide Causes Concerns For Being Too Steep

By October 02, 2018
Playground Slide Causes Concerns For Being Too Steep Channel Nine News

A children's slide at a local Gold Coast park is causing concerns for parents as they complained the slide is too steep.

Some Parents argue that the slide is unsafe and it was dangerous causing friction burns as children slide down.

One Parent commented, "It's a pretty dangerous slide, I went down it with my twin boys...they both had friction burn and it shot us all out the end and I landed on top of my children".

Another Parent complained, "My eight-year-old burnt her bottom last year but was wearing a dress, it took over a week to heal after several trips to the doctor for different creams and bandages".

Although this slide caused concerns amongst some Parents, other Parents seemed unconcerned "It's a good, fast slide and it's good fun, and yeah, that's why we come to this park mostly,' a parent at the playground told 9 News Gold Coast".

Despite the Parental concerns, the local has no plans of removing or changing the slide and never received any safety complaints about it until recently.

It's primarily it's the Parent choice whether or not the slide is safe enough for their child to go on.

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