A toddler and her family were visiting Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida. In the rhinoceros exhibit, the toddler participated in Rhino Encounter which involves a "hands-on, educational experience" with the zoo's southern white rhinos when the toddler apparently fell between steel poles separating guests from the rhino yard. 

In a local Hawaiian preschool, an Assistant in the preschool room mistakenly served Pine Sol instead of apple juice.  A report says that the assistant had taken the Pine Sol off the kitchen cart, filled cups with it and served it to the children.

A twenty-seven-year-old mother, from Michigan, USA, spent 5 days in jail after her 6-year-old child missed 26 days of school without any valid reason.

Nicole Merseal, a mother from St Louis, Missouri, is suing a daycare centre after video and surveillance footage captures daycare teachers encouraging her son to fight another child.

A 4-year-old child went home from daycare and showed her parents the "teeth" she got from another child. After going to the police with the bag of "teeth", detectives confirmed it was crack cocaine.

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