Child Weekly

From 01 January 2019, any baby born in NSW, parents will receive a free baby bundle valued at $300 from the NSW Government. The products and information will support the health, development and wellbeing of newborn babies.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), provides access to a range of benefits for children aged 2 17 years including examinations, x rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canal and extractions.

An Educator, from Auckland New Zealand, was left in disbelief and shock when only receiving 2 cents as her final pay cheque, after getting fired 5 days before Christmas.

An early childhood service operated by the University Of Wollongong has been fined more than $3000 due to giving a child food that they were allergic to twice in 6 months.

In a local Hawaiian preschool, an Assistant in the preschool room mistakenly served Pine Sol instead of apple juice.  A report says that the assistant had taken the Pine Sol off the kitchen cart, filled cups with it and served it to the children.

Australian child health experts are claiming that the Monkey Bars, is a leading cause of injuries in young children. A report conducted by Monash University, claims that there has been a 41% increase in monkey bar injuries requiring children to be hospitalised.

A twenty-seven-year-old mother, from Michigan, USA, spent 5 days in jail after her 6-year-old child missed 26 days of school without any valid reason.

The Australian federal government's Department of Health, has recently issued a guidance statement about the risks of lead poisoning from plumbing fittings and a warning has been issued to all Australians, to run taps for 30 seconds or more before drinking.

Opened on 24th November, Sydney Aquarium has introduced a brand new exhibit "Day and Night on the Reef". Children will experience state of the art technology that delivers an interactive experience in the largest Great Barrier Reef exhibit in the world!

A childcare centre in Auckland NZ has declined to re-enrol a toddler who had only been attending for only four hours per day because of medical reasons, despite the fact that his Parents paying for the full seven-hour minimum (as stated in the centre policy).