Keeping Kids Comfortable On Flights Using A Pet Bed

By July 04, 2018
Keeping Kids Comfortable On Flights Using A Pet Bed Kmart Au

A flight attendant recently saw a family using pet beds for their children on a flight.

The pet bed is comfortable and is padded around the edges which soften the hard armrests and also serves as a pillow and a leg rest.

Expensive contraptions such as the Fly Tot, JetKids BedBox, Fly LegsUp, Plane Pal and other devices that promised to make flying more comfortable for children were banned on Qantas and Jetstar flights.

Qantas said, "Safety is and will always be our top priority, Bed Boxes are considered an evacuation hazard as they block the walkway area’s of which will cause major problems in the case of an evacuation.”

Virgin Australia also banned the products before reversing the ban in November.

The pet bed hack for children during flights enables a child to sit in a comfortable cushiony bed in their seats, it also serves as a built-in pillow. It can easily be folded and stashed in a bag while getting on and off the flight as well and it's extremely cost effective!

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