An early childhood service operated by the University Of Wollongong has been fined more than $3000 due to giving a child food that they were allergic to twice in 6 months.

The Australian federal government's Department of Health, has recently issued a guidance statement about the risks of lead poisoning from plumbing fittings and a warning has been issued to all Australians, to run taps for 30 seconds or more before drinking.

Researchers have found that children who use hand sanitiser compared to soap and water have less respiratory infections and needed less antibiotic prescriptions.

A toddler from metropolitan Adelaide is currently in a serious condition after contracting meningococcal. Fears children from where the toddler attends childcare may also be infected with the disease.

The Nip Allergies In The Bub is a website which provides practical information to Parents and Professionals about when and how to introduce the common allergy-causing foods as well as how to optimise eczema management for allergy prevention.

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