When Parents went to pick up their 8-month-old from Primary Learning Academy and Daycare, Memphis, USA, at 4:15 pm, they arrived to the centre being locked, the air conditioning was turned off and all the Educators had gone home.

Katy DePue, from Westminster, Colorado in the US, removed her three-year-old daughter Alayna from Westminster Recreation Centre after the preschool refused to accept her life - saving EpiPen.

A Daycare Centre in Nashville, Arkansas USA, is being investigated after a complaint lodged by the parent of a 9-month-old baby who claims her baby was attacked while in care by a 2-year-old.

In an attempt to discipline two young children, Preschool Director Akinnaso, threatened two 4-year-old boys by putting a steak knife into their hands and told them she would cut their fingers off and throw them in the trash if they kept misbehaving.

Today's technology can change the world and also it could be changing our children too. Children are often using technology for gaming and social media so does frequent use of tech make children more prone to the symptoms of (ADHD)?

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