Amazon Rapids – Free Storytelling Reading App

By August 19, 2018
Amazon Rapids – Free Storytelling Reading App EBook Friendly

Rapids is a storytelling app from Amazon, it uses a playful chat style for children. Each story has a text message dialogue between characters and readers can interact with the dialogue by clicking on the next chat bubble in the story’s sequence.

This app provides hundreds of stories in adventure, fantasy, humour, mystery, science fiction and sports categories on the platform. It will also helps children to read by sounding out harder words in case a child's parents or adults are not around. This feature can support the child to learn new words and adding it the personal glossary if they needed to look up again.

Some of the chat bubbles may ask you a question to get interaction and what the child thinks about the story and concepts or make them laugh. Humour is very much important to gain interaction with children.

Rapids has hundreds of short stories in their database and asking TechCrunch Amazon to add dozens more every month, which will maintain the interest and keep the children engaged till the end.

If a child does not like to read and not able to pull adults in for story time, Rapids have another feature called “Read to Me”, which allows very robotic voice to read the child stories.

The main idea is to make the kids easy to reading and interacting in a way that feels natural and gives the children more confident to read independently .

Amazon Rapid is avaiable free on Androids, Fire Tablets and IOS Devices.

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