Man Invents Lego Sorting Vacuum Filter For Sorting and Organising Lego Bricks

By April 01, 2022

Every parent has the experience to cry in pain after putting their feet on the Lego bricks and after getting hurt by it. More or less we all know the pain. The good news is that we have not to bear anymore the pain as a man on the interwebs has invented a Lego-sorting vacuum cleaner attachment that would collect the bricks that are laid here and there on the floor and would arrange them in size.

The name of that person is Matty Benedetto. He is the host of a YouTube channel named  YouTube channel Unnecessary Inventions. We, parents need to thank him as he understood the pain to step on Lego bricks barefoot. So, he created Lego socks that would collect the bricks as there is a Lego board on the soles. Matty has also invented a specially designed vacuum cleaner attachment that will not only collect the LEGO from the floor but also will sort it, too. In his video, Benedetto said that he was inspired by the episode “The Office” where David Wallace was talking about an idea that "teaches kids how to pick up their own toys". Benedetto explains that “he started off with a Shop-Vac, vacuum, and then designed his 3D printed four-canister insert that filters the bricks by size as they are vacuumed up.” It has been also informed that Mr Benedetto is using a transparent plastic so the user can watch the sorting process. In front of the Camera Benedetto said he, himself is totally satisfied by the way the machine is working. 

One of the fans wrote in the comment that the Lego-collecting invention is the most useful one and now parents also one can walk on the floor full of scattered Lego pieces without having pain barefoot. Another said “I would honestly buy this. My son's room is a landmine of LEGO." Another person joked and said it is the most necessary invention in the channel whose name staring with unnecessary inventions. Many people want to have this invention in their possession. Many people appreciate this invention and thank him for making the walk on the Lego scattered floor without having pain. One also said in sarcasm that "You know, this is probably one of the most useful things you've ever made man, Enjoy the money rolling in."

Many people have given suggestions to make the machine more useful. One said that “Quick idea: if you design the plates so they can rotate independently from the housing and add spiralled grooves on the bottom of the plates it will rotate, further optimizing the self-sorting." This idea seems sound and good. Many engineers, mechanics, and other people have also given Ideas about the machine to make it better. 

If more innovative ideas can make the machine more useful then it will be wholeheartedly appreciated. But now with this machine, we, the parents are happy and want to thank Mr. inventor for his most useful invention.

Man Invents Lego Sorting Vacuum Filtre That Even Kids Will Happily Use