A Child Friendly Incubator For Kids To Create Safe Content On YouTube

By July 04, 2018

Australian digital media startup TotallyAwesome has launched a child-friendly incubator for kids in Asia Pacific who are keen to become YouTube content creators.

The incubator, which will be called TotallyAwesome Squad, will teach kids up to the age of 13 to create, imagine, express and share their creative ideas with their peers on PopJam, a child-friendly social content platform.

It will also offer kid-safe user experiences by teaching kids about things like safe content in a social community environment.

According to TotallyAwesome, as over half of Australian kids aged 6-14 years old watch clips on the Internet in their spare time on YouTube, there is a need for authentic, relatable and local video content.

“With increasing demand for more local kid-safe content, the TotallyAwesome Squad will not only deliver highly engaging influencer content but will enable us to incubate new up-and-coming global influencers to support our growing Influencer Network dedicated to kids under 13 years old,” said Jeremy Carr, TotallyAwesome’s commercial director for APAC.

“Part of TotallyAwesome’s mission is to create great digital content for this generation of kids which is truly authentic and relevant. Our TotallyAwesome Squad is the first step on this path”.

The company also plans to expand this incubator throughout Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia and Philippines.

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Last modified on Friday, 06 July 2018 18:48