Totally Awesome Releases Kids Safe Video On Demand Platform

By July 04, 2018

TotallyAwesome has launched its first video on demand (VOD) platform in the Asia Pacific.

This platform enables kids to use VOD combine the experience of full screen viewing with the ability to choose exactly what they want to see, when they want to see it, and flexibility of viewing on a range of devices, in any environment, while providing a brand safe environment for advertisers.

In Singapore, the company has partnered with Mediacorp to extend this reach further through the broadcaster’s OTT platform Toggle, to allow multi-platform engagement with kids for brands.

"Kids are switching their preference from traditional programmed TV to digital TV content with VOD viewing being one of the most popular activities. We are pleased to have such great partners to expand the reach of our marketplace with this new format and are working on similar launch partnerships in other APAC countries in the coming months,” said TotallyAwesome’s chief executive officer Quan Nguyen.

“We provide high quality international and local content for kids that entertains, engages and educates. We deliver this content across linear and non-linear platforms to cater to all media consumption habits. Kids are an important, niche audience for Mediacorp that need to be treated with care.”

Lim, Shawn "TotallyAwesome Introduces Kid-Safe Video On Demand Platform To Asia Pacific", The Drum, 5th June 2018

Last modified on Friday, 06 July 2018 18:48